On or about Halloween 2014 thieves broke into my property and stole over 20 vintage restored dirt bikes, 18ft car hauling trailer,2 ducati monsters and much more....please keep an eye out for these bikes and or parts from them. They are pretty rare models so if you see anything at all good chance it is my stuff...here is the list...three KTM 495's-2 1984 models and one 1983 ,,three KTM 300exc-2 1991models and one 1995 ,,one MR250 honda. One mt250 honda. One. Mr175 Honda. Two yz400's. 1-1976 and 1-1977 ,,one 1984 yz490...one KD125 kawasaki-1978 ,,,three IT490's. Two-1983 and one 1984model. One of the 83's had white plastics, two it200's. One 1984 and one 1985, .,,two it175's one 1977 and 1 1983 .,,2 rm125's one1981, and 1-1983 .,two tt600's. 83 or84 models...and more that i am forgetting at the moment....the two ducatis were both monsters...one 2001s4 abd one 2005 620ie both black...18ft car hauling trailer had a 10,000pound winch welded to the front of it...anyway it would be much appreciated if you would keep an eye out for this stuff...thanks. bob 210-596-4169