Well I spent last Friday with Russ Buckman at PBMA Red Canyon getting the XCD course ready for the race on February 8th. We had a lot of clearing to do give the big ice storm that cam through and broke a lot of trees. I'll just say this, this is going to be one of the funnest XCD course this year in off-road racing. Russ has put together a 6 mile loop that has the fastest open trail that Red Canyon has to offer, then he found a few tight turns to add in to make it interesting, threw in a lot of high speed sweepers and just for good measure found a couple of places to catch some air on.

For the mini's he laid out a 1 mile course that is training wheel friendly for the 50's and fast and fun for the 65's. If your son or daughter is thinking about racing but mom and dad are not sure about it, this is the place and the race to get your tires wet. The kids will have a bast on the mini course - I know I did when I rode it.

It doesn't matter if your new to racing, or this is old boot for you, Russ is making sure the whole family is going to be having a fun weekend. the race and practice is on Sunday the 8th, but show up on Saturday afternoon, we are camping and racing on the west side of the lease this year and are going to have a cookout, campfire and trail ride on Saturday evening.

So come out and have some fun!!!

Sign Up is open at [url=Http://www.moto-tally.com/tscec/xcd/preEntry.aspx]Http://www.moto-tally.com/tscec/xcd/preEntry.aspx[/url]


P.S. - I will try to get som Go-Pro footage this week end!!!