So, I'm not going to be able to make it to the enduro 101 class on Saturday and have a few questions:

I looked at the course info with the mileage, I might as well be reading Greek. It makes no sense to me. Anybody mind giving me a small synopsis?

One of my biggest questions is how many total miles is the race including transit sections?

Also, I'm a bit confused about how the pitting works on gas stops. Will they transport our jugs to the gas stop areas? How are they staged? I'm assuming we need to mark them with our assigned row number/letter, correct? I'm probably going to be going by myself and have no kickstand on my bike so can I secure a triangle stand to my gas jug so I have a way to prop my bike up while fueling? Can I secure a Gatorade and an energy bar to it as well so I can have a little bit of refueling for my body as well?

Lastly, I'm running some soft terrain tires, but I've raced Callisburg for TCCRA and TORO before and there are some pretty hard packed areas out there. If I decide during my gas stop that my set up isn't working ideally, can I leave the gas area, go back to my trailer, and switch wheels? (I have two full wheel sets, one with soft terrain tires and the other with Intermediates and would probably look mostly at swapping my front out if that happened).

Thanks in advance for replies, I got cross country and hare scrambles down but I'm a total noob when it comes to endure racing.

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