We will be having a garage sale at Combine to benefit Mike Friend. All items that do not sell in the auction along with some used gear, boots n stuff will be in this garage sale. It will be at the Turtle camp. We will have signs up. There will also be a money donation box at the gate where you pay in. Please think about donating. If every one gave $1 for every entry then your looking at over $300 can be raised.
I know we have been just slamming ya'll for donations. But this is a family who has given so much. Every fund raiser they have been one of the first to step up and give.
If you have something you would like to donate to the garage sale you can drop it off at the turtle camp.
Thanks to everyone who has already given to this cause. You are the best!
115g 00(lb)

Week's Muffler Bearings and Powerbands

Mom of:
Kate 815 R
Buddy 15 lb
many many others I claim
Grandma of:
Josie..future pro #15