Hello. This is my first post. I've already asked this information in a private message to a member here that I thought might be knowledgeable, but just in case he's no longer active here I wanted to ask the group.

My name is Scott Harrison and I'm in Senatobia, MS. I'm thinking about coming down with my wife the first week of Sept. because my old ship, the USS Saratoga is due to be towed there to be scrapped out. In was in the Navy back in the 80's and I desire to the the old girl one more time before it's no longer. I've been told I could get a good view of the ship as it's being towed through the channel, but I have to access the channel with my 4x4. I have a stock Jeep (no lift, winch, etc), but I do have good mud tires.

My goal is simply to make it to the channel somewhere in that area and set up a couple of folding chairs and watch as she's being towed through the channel. I'm not going there for serious 4-wheeling. I'll be looking for the easiest way in due not having anything more than the stock Jeep Wrangler. It's my daily driver and I don't want to damage it outside of anything I can't wash off with the hose.

In realize I'm asking a lot, as forums often hate to give up their "secrets" to newbys, but this is a one-time event for me that can never be repeated. I need to do some good planning because I'm coming over 900 miles to do this.

If anyone has information for that area such as GPS routes that could be uploaded to a Garmin, local laws, permits required, people or situations to avoid, etc., I would be ever so grateful.


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