Hey All,
Hope everyone had a good New Year. It's time to dust off the vintage iron, replace fork seals and clean the carbs. We're gonna have us a Vintage Series.

Right now we're aiming for 8 total rounds, with the option of dropping 2 for a year end award. Though the series won't be an official ITSA series, 5 of the rounds will be sanctioned and insured through ITSA. I would really encourage everyone to join ITSA for the year. Membership is $40 and you will receive a $10 discount off the entry fee. Let's try to get ITSA established in Texas, and maybe one year we could host a National.

To join, visit http://www.twinshock.org/

The series will be split between the Spring and Fall. The dates are as follows:
Round 1 March 23rd Huffman Farm, Donie, TX (ITSA)
Rounds 2/3 May 3rd/4th McMahan Ranch, Smithville, TX 2 day (ITSA)
Rounds 4/5 May 31st/June 1st Rio Bravo, Houston, TX 2 day
Round 6 September 14th Willis Woods, Palestine, TX (ITSA)
Round 7 October 18th Harvest Classic, Luckenbach, TX (tentative), AMA
Round 8 November 1st Fallen Soldier Trials, Huffman Farm, Donie, TX (ITSA)
Series end banquet November 1st (after A.F.S.P. event)

We're really excited about starting a true vintage series in Texas. I hope everyone can make it out to at least a few of these. We appreciate your support.
Stephen Hetzel, SWVTA
"Speakin' of alligators, that reminds me to call your momma."