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#554015 - 03/29/13 09:16 PM Re: GATOR BAIT 2013 !!! [Re: Airwolf__32]
Irishcoffee Offline
Veteran Lunatic

Registered: 08/17/02
Posts: 2944
Actually in an enduro there are test sections which are measured by time and there are transfer sections to get to the next test section. The transfer sections are at a more relaxed pace.


#554348 - 04/06/13 06:46 AM Re: GATOR BAIT 2013 !!! [Re: Irishcoffee]
woodsguy Offline
Pappa Boar

Registered: 03/28/01
Posts: 5236
Loc: Huntsville
Originally Posted By: Irishcoffee
Actually in an enduro there are test sections which are measured by time and there are transfer sections to get to the next test section. The transfer sections are at a more relaxed pace.

Irish, that is true only if you stay on time! At Cycleland this year it didn't take long to need the resets just to get back on time, then pretty soon that wasn't enough! lol Just gas it all day.



#554358 - 04/06/13 02:11 PM Re: GATOR BAIT 2013 !!! [Re: woodsguy]
Irishcoffee Offline
Veteran Lunatic

Registered: 08/17/02
Posts: 2944
Full agreement but Cycleland is really not an enduro. It is just an activity where suckers pay money to beat themselves into a pulp. Honest! There are special doctors and padded rooms for people like that! I am sure you understand.


#554446 - 04/08/13 11:03 AM Re: GATOR BAIT 2013 !!! [Re: Irishcoffee]
lynnbailey24 Offline
Gang Member

Registered: 07/28/10
Posts: 212
GATOR BAIT ENDURO IS NOT A AMA NATIONAL ENDURO. The event is only AMA sanctioned for insurance purposes.
The 2013 Gator Bait Enduro is an event on the Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit and not a TRH Family Off Road Series event.
You need to be a AMA member to compete in this event. Proof of membership is required at sign up or you will need to sign up for another additional year. BRING YOUR CURRENT AMA CARD OR PROOF OF MEMBERSHIP TO THE EVENT. You can sign up for AMA ($49 per yr) at GB. Credit Cards are accepted for the AMA membership sign up only. AMA membership sign up is seperate from the registration process of the TRH event.
If you are a TRH member, you are expected to help work this event. If you want to ride Gator Bait, please coordinate with Brian Perret to see what you can do before the event to satisfy your work requirement.

OK, here's our best explanation of the 2013 Gator Bait Enduro.
Timing, odometers, rollcharts and traditional enduro equipment is not needed for this event. A timing schedule is created to set checkpoints by the club, but is transparent to the rider. All the rider does is ride to the start control checkpoints and then "race" the test section until the next checkout checkpoint. The checkpoint workers will start you when it becomes your time to go. It's simple and fun!
8am Start for first row of riders. Riders are assigned to a row per minute, not based on skill, but registration.
Once you are started, you will trail ride a one mile "transfer" section out to the first staged Start Control (SC) checkpoint. You will be re-staged and started again according to your row by the checkpoint crew.
The first "test sction" will be approx 8 miles long. You "race" this to the best of your ability. Always use the golden enduro rider rule, "DO NOT RIDE FASTER THAN YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL CAN FLY" It's a concept that works for the smarter human being and keeps the ambulance crews bored out of their minds. Keep it that way.
At the end of the 8+/- miles, you will encounter a Checkout Checkpoint or officially called Known Control Tie Breaker where you will be scored in minutes and seconds on your scorecard taped to your front fender.
Once you are scored, you will proceed at a non-race trailride pace for two miles down a pipeline right of way road to the next Start Control checkpoint and have a freetime built into the schedule to regroup, re-think your leisure activities, restage the rows of riders, get a drink of water and prepare for the next "test section".
The next "test section" is approx 12 miles long. So once you are re-started at the Start Control checkpoint, you will "race" the course until you encounter another checkout Known Control Tie Breaker checkpoint. You will be once again scored in minutes and seconds on your scorecard.
You will have another freetime to rest and this will be an emergency gas stop for bikes that cannot go 32 miles on a tank. Once refeuled or rested, you will ride forward a few hundred yards to another Start Control checkpoint. This "test" section will be between 7-8 miles long. "Race" the terrain until the next Known Control Tie Breaker checkpoint.
From this checkpoint you will transfer for one mile back to camp with a non-race speed. At camp will be the official Gas Stop where you must refuel inside the official Gas Stop area and NOT at your truck. Once refueled, you can proceed back to your truck for food or whatever.
After a nice break, you will go back to the original event start to begin the second loop and trail ride the one mile transfer back out to the next start control and do it all over again.
Short Course will end at the previously mentioned Emergency Gast stop, but during the second loop of the event. 50+/-
Long Course will go the full two loops.
Lynn Bailey


#554600 - 04/10/13 10:25 AM Re: GATOR BAIT 2013 !!! [Re: lynnbailey24]
Lumberjack Offline
Trail Blazer

Registered: 12/07/00
Posts: 2685
Loc: Cedar Park, TX
What is the work plan for us members who live too far away to come to the meetings.


#554613 - 04/10/13 01:07 PM Re: GATOR BAIT 2013 !!! [Re: Lumberjack]
Airwolf__32 Offline
Basically Almost Pro

Registered: 01/21/10
Posts: 478
The work plan is as follows:

For the days leading up to the 28th, trail cleaning is of utmost importance. There will be folks coming out this weekend, and the following weekend (4/20/13-4/21/13) is an official work weekend. During that time, I ask that all members coming out to put in a work day please find some trail and ensure it is clear. 90% of the trail at SC will be used for the Gator Bait race happening on the 28th. Course arrowing will be done by key personnel the weekend before and the few days leading up to race day. The most important part is getting the trail shaped up. There will be signs put up this weekend directing workers on where the course will be, so that will help direct everybody to the right places.

ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT, I ask that workers show up no later than 7AM. It would be even better if race workers that are unfamiliar with the land show up on Saturday as well, so we can have ample time to show them where and what to do. There may also be a class given on how to captain a checkpoint Saturday afternoon. More info to come on that. SUNDAY MORNING, KEY TIME IS AT 8AM, so riders will be let go at 8:01. Once the race has begun, it will be almost impossible to get workers where they need to be when they need to be there, so showing up late will most likely result in a no-credit workday. So please be on time. The earlier, the better.

WHAT TO BRING: If you're going to be working a checkpoint or road crossing, make sure to bring everything you need as you will be in one place most of the day. Bring a cooler of bee....soda, WATER, lunch, chairs, EZ-UPS, sunscreen, snacks, cell phone, camera, etc. We'll provide any/all equipment needed for the race. Most of the checks will be accessible by pickup truck, but bring quads and bikes if you have them.
TRH - IT Guy
"There's your mother-flippin' drivin' test!"


#554616 - 04/10/13 02:38 PM Re: GATOR BAIT 2013 !!! [Re: Airwolf__32]
GoldDrum Offline
Gang Daddy

Registered: 03/06/08
Posts: 547
Loc: Katy, Tx
Is there somewhere that I can get to with a truck that would be a good place to take pictures? If so, mark me down for that. Otherwise mark me for something else I can use a truck for as I will not be bringing my bike.
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