Bob Munday was everybody's go to guy when they needed a mechanic. Bob rode dirtbikes all his life and ended his life on one. Bob was a sponsored yamaha racer in the 70s and then got off dirtbikes and moved to drag bikes. After he got burnt out of drag bikes he then moved to flat track racing where he trained his kid to race flat track. Later on down the road he decided he wanted to race flat track. On December 8, 2012 Bob Munday lost his life while racing flat track. He had just finished his second heat race and went 1-1 in both heat races. After finishing the race Bob had a massive heart attack, and later passed away. He left behind his wife, Jenny Munday and his 16 year old son, Trey Munday. Bob was a man of many traits and loved motorcycles. We have put this charity race together to help his family. It would be nice for people to show up and show some support for the Munday family.

Ada is less then 100 miles from the Texas Oklahoma state line on I-35 or Hwy 75 ~ The Ada track is amazing and will challenge all skill levels. Hope to see some of our fellow Texas racers there this is truly a great cause


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