Below is a list of Mini racers that will receive a trophy at the TSCEC Awards Banquet on January 12th 2013.
Please make plans to be at Texas Motor Speedway that night to pick up your trophy. If you cannot make it, please make arrangements for someone to pick it up for you.

1st Jr. Beginner Mini Colton Williamson
2nd Jr. Beginner Mini Reid Hess
3rd Jr. Beginner Mini Cannon Williamson
4th Jr. Beginner Mini Max Nickerson
5th Jr. Beginner Mini Myles McGee

1st 50cc Mini Cooper Williamson
2nd 50cc Mini Colin Hess
3rd 50cc Mini Max Nickerson
4th 50cc Mini Corbin Hughes
5th 50cc Mini Brandon Baxter

1st 65cc Mini Tyler Nickerson
2nd 65cc Mini Colin Hess
3rd 65cc Mini Preston Baxter
4th 65cc Mini Maximo Gutirez
5th 65cc Mini Gavin Bounds

1st 85cc Mini Hayden King
2nd 85cc Mini Harrison Fly
3rd 85cc Mini Jean Carlo Gutirez
4th 85cc Mini Creed Kinsey
5th 85cc Mini Cameron Mcleod

1st Girls Mini Rachel Keller
2nd Girls Mini Alyssa Foster

1st Women Saturday Brenda Baxter
2nd Women Saturday Chevas King
3rd Women Saturday Kayleen Miller

Mini Chairman