The FY13 Texas OHV decals are now for sale from the Texas Parks & Wildlife's Customer Service Center (CSC). If you order an OHV decal now, you'll get more than 12 months from that decal (instead of less than one month). You can order an OHV decal by calling the CSC at 512-389-8917.

The OHV decals will be available from vendors which resell the decal beginning next week. You can find a list of locations where the OHV decal can be purchased by visiting the “Where to Buy” section of the OHV pages on the Texas Parks & Wildlife website. Be sure to call the vendor to insure they have decals in stock before traveling to their location.

Here’s a link:

For Dealers who sell the OHV decals. If you have unsold FY12 OHV decals, send those decals to me at the address on the front of the decal booklet and I'll exchange them, one for one, with FY13 decals. You can send whole or partial booklets.
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