Hello everyone I want to go ahead and give you the rain out date for Round 6 at Splendora MX Park.  The date will be August 25th and 26th. The make up race will be back at Splendora.  We have also scheduled the year end award ceremony on October 20th at the Splendora YMCA at 16401 1st Street Splendora, Texas 77372. It is right on 59 with a huge blue roof you can't miss it.  I will be giving out more details on the ceremony as the day get closer. So please mark your calendars with those dates. There are a few things I would like to go over with everyone as a reminder.
 Volunteers: Remember all who work are volunteers, none of us get paid and do the best job we can.  If anyone has any ideas or can help do a job better please let me know and we will be happy to have you help. Our Volunteers are: The Bryant Family, The Hughes Family, The Moore Family, The Messina Family, The Gengo Family, The Hooper Famliy, The Evan's Family, The Folker Family, The Grafton Family, The Carpenter Family, The Cucco Family, The Walker Family, The Eicher Family, David Wagenseller and Megan Manshack. All of these people do this because they love the sport and do not want to see it die. It upsets me to know some of our volunteers have been treated less than fair because of something Dee and Michele have done or not done. If you have a complaint with how they do things they can not make it better if they do not hear from you.  
Practice: I know this past weekend was a bit confusing. I am sorry about that, Dee's decision to cut practice was not a popular one and I do understand. As the official it was his decision to change the order and cut practice for your safety. He did not set out to cut practice so people would not be prepared. It has been brought to LSQR's attention that we do need a FM transmitter, so everyone can hear.  I do agree but you still will be responsible for knowing when your practice is. I did have a couple of complaints about people cutting the track during practice to practice a certain section of the track over and over again.  I want to make sure you all know it is not accepted at any track to cut a section out of the track. Ride the full course do not pull off of or enter the track in areas that are not designated as an entrance or exit. If we continue to have this problem we may dock you laps on your race, this is for the safety of everyone. I do appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Rainouts:  In the event of severe weather conditions, like we had this past weekend, the track owner or manager will typically make the final call on whether or not the race will be held.  It is of course, their property and their track to have to repair when the day is done.  Splendora was a unique situation, because in addition to managing LSQR, Dee and I also manage Splendora Motocross Park.  Had we not received rain on Sunday morning, the track most likely would have been rideable.  Unfortunately, the Sunday morning rain finished us off.  We felt like the track was not safe for you, and certainly not the type of track you want to put your quad on.  The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt because of the track being too muddy, or for someone to tear up their quad running it in the mud.
Track Etiquette:  Unfortunately we had a few crashes on the track on Saturday.  We want to remind you all that you need to take extra precaution when someone is down on the track.  If the downed rider is able to get up and out of the way quickly, we will typically just ask you to slow down and proceed around the downed rider and anyone assisting them while making sure to be completely clear of them before accelerating (yellow flag in a race).  In the unfortunate event that someone is not able to get off of the track right away, we may route you around them and any parts of the track anywhere near them while they are attended to (yellow flag, medic flag).  In some cases, it may be necessary to stop practice or a race all together in the interest of safety for you and the downed rider (red flag, black flag).  On practice days, we typically do not have flaggers, but ask that you use common sense and common courtesy for your fellow rider. We do appreciate your cooperation, if you have any concerns or ideas our door is always open.