In 2000, I had the good fortune to read Ed Youngblood’s “John Penton & the Off-Road Motorcycle Revolution” during the spring, at a time when Austin was alive with the SXSW Music & Film Festival. I have been a lifelong dirt bike enthusiast, having raced motocross as a teenager around Houston and avidly followed the sport ever since. Given my love of dirt bikes, I expected to enjoy the story of Penton’s development of his own highly successful line of off-road motorcycles (which led to the fantastic KTMs that many of us ride today). What I didn’t expect was to be enthralled by his life story; his vision, his tenacity, his leadership and his love for his family. During SXSW, I saw the inspirational power of a well-made documentary. There I realized that Mr. Penton’s story had all the makings for a wonderful film. I have dreamed of that for over 12 years.

Now, with the help of Todd Huffman (producer of "The Motocross Files), I have a wonderful opportunity to bring this shared dream to reality. Please see:

If you are inspired to help financially, that would be greatly appreciated. Every little bit will help! In any case, if you know of a friend or fellow enthusiast that might have an interest in the project, please forward this email on to them. That would be greatly appreciated, too.

Time is short. The Kickstarter process only allows a short time for fundraising. More importantly, Mr. Penton is 86 years old. While his health is good, the reality is that he won’t be with us a whole lot longer. I would love to see this film completed to honor John Penton while he is still with us.

Thanks for sharing your time and attention. I know it is precious.

Jack Martin