Wow, can you believe we are half way through the season? It is hard to imagine we have just a few short months until the award ceremony. I don't know about you but I am having a blast, this season has brought us new tracks, racers and most of all friends. One of my favorite things is to see the kids play together in the pits but be fierce competitors on the track. I am hoping we can keep up the momentum and continue to bring new racers and families into the sport.
There are a few things to go over:
1. Race Schedule for Round 5 at BNC:
Practice Friday night 6/8 : 5 pm to 10 pm
Gates close at 11p.m.
Saturday 6/9:
Sign up and Tech Inspection: 2-4
Practice from: 4-6
Riders Meeting at 6
Racing to start after riders meeting.
We will have the carnival games from 10-12 on Saturday 6/9
Fees are as follows:
Practice 20 per rider
Gate/Spectator fee: 10 per person
Camping: 15 per rig 
There will be only primitive camping only, there are NO RV hookups.
2. Carnival games on Saturday 6/9 from 10 am to 12 (Noon)
We are in need of volunteers to run the games.  We are also looking for prizes and more games.
If you are interested please let me know.  This is for the kids so any and all help is appreciated.
3. Fundraising
We had a few people pick up raffle tickets this weekend to sell. We do appreciate your help but
we still have quite a few books and want to sell as many as possible. All funds go toward year end
awards. I am sure you are tired of me giving you this information but I want to place the top 5 in
each class, in order to do that we need as much money as possible.  In years past the top 3 have
been awarded. It takes quite a bit of money to purchase all the trophies/Plaques , prizes and goodies.
So the more money we have the more we can give. We can't allow a few to do the work for everyone.
The better we work together the better the awards will be for all. So please help us help you!
4. Volunteers
I know this is another of those things you would rather I quit talking about.  Sorry, but we do need help.
It takes many to run a race not to mention keeping the Assoc. running. The volunteers do not get paid
or get free entry into the venues or free race fees.  These people do this because they don't want to see this die. We were very close this year and many stood together to make sure we have a place to race. So
beating the dead horse again I need volunteers in these areas: Fundraising, Promoting, Tech Inspection,
Practice Referee, Announcer, Score Keepers, Hole Shot Judge and Safety Safari. With as many people we have all you have to do is work once. Let me know and I will find a place for you. We have been blessed with many great volunteers and Sponsors, I want to make sure you all know who it is that is helping us achieve our dreams.
2012 Lone Star Quad Racing Sponsors:
Wes Bolt C & E, Cucco's A/C and Heating, OrthoFix, Dockside Marine, Rage ATV, Stanley Steemer, Brian Motorsports, United Rentals, Preferred Electrical Services, Dasa Racing, EnvironSan, Aurora Financial Consultants, LBAC Travel and ESR Decorative Concrete Experts.
2012 Lone Star Quad Racing Volunteers to date:
Jason and Angela Bryant, Matt Carpenter, David and Laura Eicher, Nate Evans, Justin Folkers, Charles, Dana and Chance Gengo, Josh and Jamie Grafton, John and Paulette Hooper, Jason and Tara Hughes,  Joe and Micheli Messina, Ryan, Karen and Bradley Moore, Dee, Michele and Megan Manshack and last but not least David Wagenseller.
Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to help. See you at the track.