Rounds 3 and 4 are in the books and and a big thank you to the North Texas Trails Association for a great event. The Saturday morning sections seemed a little easy by looking at the scores but fun was had by all. The afternoon section where a little more challenging for the Intermediate up to Master classes. The weather was good both days with a little to much wind on sunday. As for the riding it could not have been any better. On sunday there where 8 sections for the morning riders and 8 sections for the afternoon riders. The scores for the morning riders proved the sections where a bit tougher than the previous day. Also seemed to be the same for the afternnon riders.

If you have never attended a trials event you should try and make it out to one. Everyone on the trials scene is always more than willing to talk if someone is willing to listen about the sport so many of us enjoy.

For more information on TRIALS in Texas you can go to or

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Daryl Hood
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Thanks to my wife Jackie for letting me have so much fun. And to my son and daughter in law for letting our grandson go with us.