I'm sure Lumberjack Larry will post the Jan 8th Goertz ranch ride day notice later today, with directions and all. I wanted to add to it.

The last race there was a mud race, and one of the challenging hillsides became much more challenging while everyone tried to get up and over the rocks embedded in the dirt. Also, the deep creek on the other side of the highway got pretty rutted. We will have very little traffic in the creek and we are not using the steep, rocky hillside. There will be some excellent trials riding available there, with terrain similar to Red River on the hill and the usual Bastrop area goodness in the creek.

AMSA (me, Larry, and Larry's son Kyle) do not do anything to set up the trials stuff. If all you have is a trials bike, then the fee for the ride day is $10 per rider. If you bring a regular dirt bike, then the fees are as specified in the ride announcement - $10 for AMSA members and $20 for non-members. The trail is a lot of fun, so it's totally worth it if you have a dirt bike to bring that and ride the loop too.


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