The 2011 Mini End of the Year Results are posted on the TSCEC Web Page. The top 3 finishers will receive a trophy at the TSCEC Banquet. If you cannot pick up your trophy, please have someone pick it up for you.
Below is the list of Trophy winners:

Jr. Beginner Class
1st - Kinser Simmons
2nd - Colton Williamson
3rd - Rhett McDonald

Mini 50cc Class
1st - Cooper Williamson
2nd – Brayden Welch
3rd – Oscar Carlos Jr

Mini 65cc Class
1st – Daylen Mahannah
2nd – Evan Zook
3rd – Oscar Carlos Jr

Mini 85cc Class
1st – Tyler Miller
2nd – Dustin Cates
3rd – Cooper Cope

Saturday Women’s Class
1st – Crystal Ruble

Ralph White