From FMF:

If you would like to try an FMF exhaust on your bike during practice then come by the FMF trackside support rig and just leave a credit card imprint, bolt the pipe on there, and go ride with instantly improved horsepower. If you would like to keep the pipe then we can run your card for 10% off the retail price so your getting a great deal and get to try before you buy. If you don't want to keep it and were just trying it out with intent to buy later, research, or compare a pipe, then no worries. Come back and we'll swap the pipes back out and no charge. We will be open for Friday afternoon for a few hours and all day Saturday if you would like to swap everything out then so your not rushed the next morning. Hope to see you all ou the for the AMA Texas State Championship and 2nd round of the Western Pro-Am series!!

On the power beverage, swing in anytime throughout the weekend and grab a sample shot of the FMF Power Beverage! Try one or both!