Hey gang,

I am going to train less total riders (frees up some time, less travel) this coming season and with the weather just now cooling off I am thinking of trying to start a local training group centered around ADV. This would consist of group prescribed motos (at ADV and possibly my tracks), group workouts (at the gym I started downtown and at other Austin locations), and group educational meetings (diet, etc.). I would be using the same philosophy and techniques I use with the pros and high end amateurs I train but just in a group format. I may even figure out how to do a group online training program like I do with riders all over the country. It's just a thought at this point, just need to gauge the interest. There would be a monthly schedule for in person meets and like I said, possibly a daily online group program with prescribed workouts. Once I gauge the interest I will come up with a monthly fee which I will try to keep as low as possible and still fair to myself and the trainers involved. If you are interested please use the contact page at www.coachseiji.com and send me a direct message. Thanks and have a great upcoming season!
Seiji Ishii