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#230397 - 01/15/09 02:24 PM Re: Converting offroad to Dual Sport [Re: EnduroRdr]
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I did my xr400 using a title bond (AKA Surety Bond), but in my case I had the original MSO - maybe it helped but probably not. Since it was from another state and was in someone else's name (the guy before the one I bought it from), the DMV lady said this was not helping my situation. She said I need to go get a "Surety Bond".

I am in a similar situation ... but am only wanting to get the title for the bike ('02 KTM520EXC) I have up for sale, and all that are interested want it for a dual sport...

I was going to sell with "bill of sale only" since I didn't get a title or MCO when I bought 4+ years ago. I didn't have any interest in DSing it... showed it last night and when going thru the original manuals came across the MCO stuck between the pages... I was surprised!!! ...

anyway, the MCO was from GA in what I am guessing was the original owners name (not the person I bought from Aug. '04) ... nothing that I saw stated "off-road only"

how do I proceed to get the appropriate paperwork to get the first round (off-road) title??? ... the next owner will be responsible to convert, inspect & get "streetable" title.
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#230398 - 01/15/09 05:14 PM Re: Converting offroad to Dual Sport [Re: pmkkdx]
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Marcus, I think I would take the MSO or MCO you have and go visit your local DMV - Play dumb and ask.
But since it doesn't have your name on it you should make up a bill of sale from the name on the MCO to you.
Find a sympathetic notary that you know real well that will put a stamp on it for you (that would only help your case). If you leave the guy in between you will have to pay tax twice! (once for each owner exchange)
Then take the MCO and the NEW bill of sale (with stamp on it) to DMV then I would explain the situation like this.

I bought this bike and it was never titled anywhere and I need a title only not registration for license plate! If she understands the law then she will know that the MCO/MSO is the "birth certificate" for your bike and will start the process of application for a title just like a new bike. Note: they are probably going to hit you for taxes (sales tax) it should be based on the current NADA value of that bike according to the website but they may try to hit you for the original MSRP for tax purposes - but more than likely just current NADA value for tax base. You might get away from the inspection requirement since you only want a Texas title. But then again you may need the inspection (green sheet) to prove it is street legal - so they don't assume it is "Off Road Only" (Don't say you bought it to ride off road). That could open another can of worms because you can not get an inspection with out insurance (more cost) that you don't want to have to pay for.

Another approach would be to take your MCO and new Bill of sale go visit your friendly local KTM dealer. They can help you I think? They should be able to bring your MSO/MCO paperwork along with an application (just like they do for new bikes they sell) and apply for the title for you just as if you bought a new bike from them. You may have to buy some expensive new riding gear or reward them in some way for their trouble. But they should be able to get a title for it just like you purchased it new since it has never been registered. I'm not sure if they need insurance to do that. Maybe someone else can explain if a dealer can sell a street legal bike and issue a title to owner with out insurance. I would think so because you really only need to prove insurance when you apply for the license plate. In this case you only want a title.

The last approach is you could go through all the steps like I did and get a Title Bond. Another 150 bucks and a couple afternoons of running around. My xr400 had an MSO from Mississippi Dealer. But the XR is considered an "Off Road Only" vehicle and I wanted to plate it so it just made more sense for me to do the bond thing. I received a standard motor cycle title without "Off Road Only" on it but it does say "Bonded Title". Either way it works for me.
You - on the other hand have a bike who's model number is already listed as street legal, so I would try directly to DMV, if that doesn't work then Dealer before I'd do the bonded route.

Clear as mud huh?


#230399 - 01/17/09 01:59 AM Re: Converting offroad to Dual Sport [Re: EnduroRdr]
XR650Rocketman Offline
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The title bond avenue is the way to go. You may want to dummy up a bill of sale.

With an MSO you should have no problem.
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#504902 - 05/23/11 08:42 PM Re: Converting offroad to Dual Sport [Re: Hoop]
fredtech Offline
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"Most bike shops will sell you an aluminum plate that goes behind the license plate"
Does anybody knows where to get that aluminum plate? How does it looks like? I don't think I understand correctly, does it fold under the license plate?

Thanks in advance.


#508391 - 07/14/11 05:05 PM Re: Converting offroad to Dual Sport [Re: fredtech]
sanderjavant Offline
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I just went through the process and was told a lot of different procedures but finally was able to get the tax office to follow the procedure in the Texas Motor Vehicle Title Manual, but I had to talk to the supervisor and point out the passage below..

Motor Vehicle Title Manual 14-20 TxDMV June 2011

Once a motorcycle has been titled as an off highway vehicle without registration,
VTR requires an application for corrected title to clear the remark if the vehicle is
ever modified in order to register.

If a transfer of ownership is involved and a
current license number is shown in the license number space on the application for
title, the notation “Off Highway Use Only” deletes automatically from the title

Applicants should include a Vehicle Identification Certificate issued by a
Safety Inspection Station and a copy of the current registration receipt with the
application for title.


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