Starts in Moscow TX at Cater's General Store

Stands Up at 9 AM

Camping Friday night at Bean's VIP Campground ( Toledo Bend )

Camping Saturday night at the Rusk KOA Campground .

* There are plenty of motels and restaurants in both areas for those without tents, sleeping bags, cookstoves or cajones.

* This is not an organized ride - it's just friends getting together to enjoy some choice dirt and see an East Texas spring from the inside.

*** These routes go through some very remote East Texas forests. Going it alone is not recommended nor a very bright idea.***

Think Deliverance "Squeeeel like a pig, boy!" cry

Break down alone out here and the chupacabras will strip your bones.

shocked These trails include some deep sand.

The Dogwood Festival will be going on in Woodville this same weekend.

Dogwood trees should be in full bloom right on schedule this year. grin

GPX files for the 450 mile route are here.

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