I hope the forums will be able to help me find my 4 wheelers. I loved my yellow Polaris.

Last Friday (August 6th), at 7:20 am our utility shed was broken in to. We have two properties in Oak Ridge Heights, Kerens, Texas. One on the lake and one across from the lake. The utility shed was on the property across from the lake. We also have a locked gate.

A white cargo/utility style van was parked at our property at 7:20 am. Electric Fence marked on the outside of the van in red and black lettering. Our neighbors assumed that we were having an electric gate installed. That wasn't the case. They removed the locked gate at the hinges. They broke in to the utility shed and took two four wheelers
and some Ryobi power tools, a sears saw, a chain saw, etc. The thief's specially targeted the two four wheelers. They didn't get the ignition keys. They left other tools untouched. They did leave behind a wheel and tire that has fingerprints all over it. The Sheriff's office is having the fingerprints analyzed.

We had some dock work completed recently on the lake property.

I wonder if anyone has seen this vehicle. Navarro Sheriff told us that this vehicle has been involved in multiple burglaries in Kerens, Mildred and Eureka. We also spoke with Jeff Saunders, Mayor of Kerens and his place was broken in to.

We are offering a $1000 reward for the return of the 4 wheelers.
2004 Bright Yellow Polaris
2003 Red Honda
Both vehicles are titled and I have the VIN numbers.

We are working with the Sheriff's office. I hope you can help. You never know, someone may have seen this vehicle. I understand that they change the name depending on who they are targeting. For example,
if they hit a home, they may have Air Conditioning repair spelled out on the vehicle.

Thanks for helping us. Helen Calanni
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