The following was posted in the TSCEC forum and i thought that i would post it here so all our members could see it. 3 of our members going out of their way to help a downed rider. Way to go guys you make us proud.

Joseph Hill was badly injured at the Cycleland Enduro this weekend. Joseph has a broken leg (femur), broken jaw, and some missing teeth. His father let me know that he had surgery last night and things are going well. Joseph and his father are members of Ross Creek Trail Riders, and so am I. On behalf of myself and the club, I wish to thank these four heroes:

Billy Innis - A fireman trained in emergency medical treatment--he never went past Joseph Hill--he stayed with him until he was turned over to the ambulance. Daniel Compton, Marc Wischkaemper and David Nix. These men were A and B riders and all members of TSCEC. It is my understanding that Cycleland is giving them a work credit for staying with Mr. Hill.

What a great group of people who did not think twice about losing their points to help an injured rider.
Richard T. Manning
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