I can't take the credit for this one but it is so cheap and easy to make that it ought to be posted here.


basically you save your clothes dryer lint and paper/cardboard type egg crates (not styrofoam) and get some wax or maybe melt down old candle stubs.

cut each egg crate section out so you have a bunch of little cups.

fill up each one with dryer lint

tie it shut with a piece of dental floss or string

dunk each one (using the end of the string) into a jar of molten wax till it is full (stops bubbling out the air)

let them cool till solid, maybe on a sheet of wax paper so not to make a big mess.

then it is done. To use it light one corner. suppose to burn for 15 minutes.

be sure to read the actual directions on inscrutables.com so your doin it right.
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