Here's an idea that can give us exposure to our elected officials, Senators and congressman. Most ATV clubs have a newsletter. Why not send your club newsletter to your Senators and congressman in Washington. All you have to do is print a few more copies buy few more stamps. Have a club member follow up with a phone call to make sure they look a it. Now what if every club was doing this. That would mean everybody in Congress would be getting several newsletters from the clubs in his or her state. I feel this would give us enormous impact. I'm sure those who oppose us are in regular contact with State and Federal elected officials.
Think about it, we are so huge with all the clubs in this country, we could bury them.
Believe me the last thing they want is for us to do this.

Later, invite a congressman to attend a club meeting or event. By sending the newsletters, followed up by a phone call, you begin to establish a relationship.
This puts us on the offense , instead of always playing defense. We are now proactive instead of reactive. I hope as many clubs as possible will participate.
Remember "The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease"