Have a new Pay Station as of 5.30.2014 at the park. This system works much like an Automatic Car Wash Type of system allowing you to make your purchase from different options on the screen and make payment with a Credit/Debit Card or Cash. If you make your payment with cash you will not be given change back regardless of how much you are owed.
Police will be checking receipts on a regular basis so after your purchase you must place your receipt face up on your dash in plain view. If the Police can't see your receipt then they may be waiting on you when you come out of the trails. All receipts will plainly state what it is that you paid for upon entering the park, so do not try to cheat the system.

Each vehicle will have to pay to get into the park, so if you have people who are following you then they will have to pay the $1.00 fee or park outside of the park itself. Also if you have to leave for some reason when there is no gate attendant then you will have to pay the $1.00 charge to get back into the park, if there is a gate attendant then just show them your receipt upon re-entering. The gate will be operational during business hours during week days, and on (Christmas, Thanksgiving). I will still have the park staffed all day on the weekends and on Friday afternoon.

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