This is a step-by-step How-To for adding photos inside your posts.

You might find it helpful to right click the "Forum List" link above, which opens a new window.
That leaves this How-To window open, so you can read and follow along as you work through the process.

You can upload typical files - gif logos, jpeg photos, PDF files, text docs, Word docs, Excel lists, etc.
We allow up to 150kb size of the following file types: .gif,.jpg,.txt,.png,.pdf,.doc,.xls,.zip,.mps

Note: You can use the File Manager window to upload up to 10 photos on each post.
Or upload each photo to a separate post, if you want to add copy or info about each one.

How To Add Images and Files to Your Posts --

1) When making a post, look just below the POST FORM window for a text link called - File Manager

2) Click the File Manager link and a pop-up window will open. Click the Browse button.

3) Browse your hard drive for the file you want and double click or open the file you want to upload.

4) Once you select the file, click the Add File button on the File Manager window.
You should see a whirling icon while the upload is in progress. You can also add a caption.

5) When you are done adding photos to the File Manager, click the Done Adding Photos button.
The pop-up window will disappear and you can Submit your post.

That's're done!

** ** ** ** ** ** **

Alternative advanced method for composing Blog style posts --

The top bar of icons on the POST window can do more than just add smilies!

There are composition tools along the top bar of the POST box for those of you who wish to use the forums as a Blog, to produce event reports, ride reports, photo journals or just to produce very cool looking posts with photos inline and text justified on the left, center or right of your photo insertions.

If you're interested in experimenting with these tools, the FOURTH button from the left on the icon bar is for IMAGES - and the FIFTH button from the left is for linking MEDIA files, such as YouTube videos.

The add inline photo tool allows you to link to an online photo album account...

If you are a registered TON member, you may not realize it, but you automatically have an online photo album account in our PhotoPost Gallery. You can upload entire folders of albums...then link to them in your Blog or Journal.

If you have an account on SmugMug, Shutterfly, Flickr or other popular photo album storage sites, you can copy and paste the URL of the photos you want to insert directly from the host site.

The forum will grab your off-site photos and insert them using the formatting you specify - either floating left, center, or floating right.

Have some fun with it!