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#417347 - 06/01/09 08:51 PM Dirt Inside Enclosed Trailer
Tom Mitas Offline
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I recently purchased a used 7x14 Pace Trailer. When I go down a dusty dirt road for even a short period. The trailer gets very dirty inside. I have look for ovious entry way ways for the dust to enter but I can't see any. I just sealed up the area where the outer skin overlaps frame around the wheels. But this did little if anything to improve the situation. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look?
Tom Mitas
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#417529 - 06/03/09 02:19 AM Re: Dirt Inside Enclosed Trailer [Re: Tom Mitas]
Fender_Bender Offline
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Check out under the floor. Sometimes the flooing ws not sealed very well..



#417723 - 06/04/09 04:50 AM Re: Dirt Inside Enclosed Trailer [Re: Fender_Bender]
Opcom Offline
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check for any cracks/seams/doors at the back. The vacuum created behind the trailer stirs up alot of dust in that area. I used to have a step-van with a roll-up door. The dirt would always enter through that area and be all over the floor back there as well as on the walls. Maybe it doesn't make sense but that's what happened. Proof that this kind of wind-blown activity thing happens is the rig I have now, the M35A2 (avatar). The small amount of oil it leaks is always splattered all over the backside of it, up to 6-8 Ft above the road.

One way to check while stationary is to have someone close you in the trailer and look for any light coming in. Be sure they know to let you out..

It's not safe and probably not legal, but you could get someone to take a test ride in the trailer with a flashlight and try to see where it's coming in. Good luck, it's a realy annoying problem.

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