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#40795 - 04/02/03 03:41 PM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Hoop]
Lostner Offline
Old Boot

Registered: 02/06/01
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Loc: Spring, Tx
Lemons work pretty well, too. One time I had to use an outhouse and it was pretty stinky, so I opened the door and fired a lemon in there and it was lemony fresh. Also, extensive research has shown old school Right Guard in the bronze colored can to be a superior propellant to Final Net without the sticky residue and buildup.
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#40796 - 04/16/03 05:31 PM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Lostner]
Gumby Offline

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Loc: Pflugerville

Teen blinded by frog shot from potato gun
By Peyton D. Woodson


Wednesday, April 16, 2003

FORT WORTH -- A North Texas teenager was blinded last weekend and faces extensive reconstructive surgery because a potato gun he was playing with shot a frog into his face.

Daniel Berry, 17, of Denton was looking down the barrel of the potato gun when it went off, parents Lisa and Clifford Berry said at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

He is in serious condition, and doctors have talked to the parents about fitting him with prosthetic eyes.

"The frog hit him with a force more than a gun," Lisa Berry, 41, said. "If it had been a potato or a rock, it would have killed him. It would have blown the top of his head off."

A potato gun has a tube such as plastic water pipe, a combustion chamber and an igniter. Projectiles can be loaded into the tube and fired several hundred feet when a propellant such as hairspray is ignited in the chamber.

Berry and some friends were fishing about 1 a.m. Sunday when they saw three other teenagers with the potato gun, said Kevin Patton, a spokesman for the Denton County sheriff's department.

"They were shooting potatoes, then one of them got the idea to shoot frogs out of it," Patton said.

The gun, which the teens purchased on the Internet, began to misfire.

"Daniel Berry walked over to see if he could help," Patton said. "The frog hit him square in the face. He suffered several facial fractures."

Clifford Berry, 59, said his younger son, C.W., was with Daniel when the accident happened.

"He held him in his arms all the way from the creek bank to the hospital in Denton," Clifford Berry said.

Lisa Berry said the force of the frog blew her son's eyelids off.

"If he cries, it burns his eyes," she said. "All he ever wanted to do was be an Air Force pilot. That isn't going to happen now."

The Green Guy


#40797 - 04/16/03 05:36 PM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Gumby]
Chris Offline
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Registered: 09/23/02
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Loc: Salado, TX
Thank Goodness he is still here and so sad to hear about such accidents.
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#40798 - 04/17/03 09:14 AM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Chris]
saladbar Offline
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Registered: 12/04/02
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Loc: Garland,Tx.
I heard about that on the radio today. Really sad.



#40799 - 04/21/03 06:27 PM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Hoop]
Thumpr10 Offline
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Registered: 02/27/03
Posts: 34
Loc: Tomball
You guys are awesome !! I ride the ambulance and guys like you definetly keep us busy !!! lolo I got into EMS to help folks and I have but I tell you what, I can tell some stories... Nothing is more funny than the things people do to themselves. Just wait long enough and you'll get to hear "Hey, watch this..." I usually am the one saying it or taking a step back so as not to get the splatter on me !! lolo

Seriously though, I'll be the first to admit that we have built a few potato guns at the firehouse. You know what they say, want a REAL fire, get a fireman... lololo 4" sch 40 pvc, 4' long section, put a Y on the end w/ screwed pipe caps on 2 of the 3 ends. bore one and insert a fireplace lighter. Seal all but one end (that's where you fuel it) connections w/ good solvent and find BIG potato's !!! Will hole a 1" board at 50 yards, fairly accurate too...

Maybe not the right forum for the discussion for safety reasons but they are fun... Just don't hurt anybody after happy hour has started, please... It's hell bandaging someone up after a couple drinks !

Be careful out there... Happy hour may have already started !! lolol


#40800 - 04/21/03 07:55 PM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Thumpr10]
Spermy Administrator Offline
Veteran Lunatic

Registered: 12/05/00
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Loc: Buda, just south of weird
on a much larger scale! who saw "motor mayhem" this weekend? they had "punkin chunkin". basicly a larger version a potato cannon. it was a competition to see who could shoot a pumpkin farther. these "cannons" were on the back of flatbed trucks. they were shooting pumpkins almost 4000 feet in the air. there wer several different catagories but the "open class" all had air cannon type. other catagories were like, catapolts with either weights or bungistraps.

makes me think we need to have a little competition like "tire toss".
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#40801 - 04/22/03 01:52 AM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Spermy]
Hoop Offline

Registered: 12/21/00
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Loc: Beaumont TX
How about a PW50 toss!
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#40802 - 04/27/03 05:49 PM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Spermy]
Bobby Administrator Offline
Head Honcho

Registered: 11/17/00
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Loc: Spring, Texas

I had an idea for a TON Promo Event where we run a race and send them through a gauntlet. was a Jackass spinoff idea, but I think it would be funny as hell as a video.....

OK....I'm not serious about the damn potato cannons! I don't want to kill anyone....

Maybe we could do it for in, TON Charity.....and try a spinoff of the idea.....

.....spectators get to throw potatoes and veggies at the riders as the come by.

Kinda' like a 21st Century version of running the Gauntlet.....that is, Texas Offroad Network style.

We set up volunteer teams of riders who can switch off during the event.....
Spectators pay for the right to throw tomatoes and splat stuff at the riders.....
or you BUY the veggies from us at a we know they're safe....

All the proceeds go to the TON support the Community...??


Sponsored by:
Texas Offroad Network

From the sickest minds in the top Online Offroad Community....
Brought to you via the Internet and your local Club.....
The finest in Dirty style food fights!


#40803 - 04/27/03 10:32 PM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Bobby]
B21 Offline
Gang Daddy

Registered: 07/08/02
Posts: 179
Loc: Austin, Tx
Heck yea Bobby! I will ride down the line for you.
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#40804 - 06/03/04 11:16 PM Re: Homemade cannons [Re: Spermy]
Vintage_Vinnie Offline
Gang Boss

Registered: 05/28/04
Posts: 366
Loc: Dallas, Texas
Oh yeah- PUNKIN CHUNKIN!! If someone doesn't get it, you will never be able to explain to them the rush of adrenaline one gets chuckin objects that are not intended to be airborne at high velocities and altitudes!

I once built a catapult in the tailgate of a pickup truck- the throwing arm was 7' long, and the springs I used to actuate it required a winch to "cock". It was a Toyota pickup, and when the thing fired the rear end would nearly lift off the ground. It would chuck a watermelon about fifty yards. It was scary as heck to operate, and one time it ripped the anchor bolts right out of the frame, resulting in an exploded rear window. I dismantled it before the claims adjuster came, and it never got put back. It WAS fun while it lasted, though.
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