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#404647 - 03/18/09 02:38 AM Need HELP on 4x4 vibration between 25-35mph
jimthetoolman Offline
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I have a 95 gmc p/u that has a body lift of 10 inches and a 7 inch suspension lift. The front and rear axles have been replaced with F-350 1-ton axles ,dana locking diff-the shocks are rancharo off road gas /non adjustable the tires are 44 inch super swamper,the tires are in good shape about 50% good tread left .The truck drives straight with about two inches of travel in steering wheel . When driving at 25-35 mph there is a strong vibration but goes away when you exceed 35mph. I have had the tires balanced twice ,rotated and still the problem exsist. The vibration is coming from the front tires starting to bounce side to side. We added a larger stabilizer trac bar.This helped with play in the steering but,did not help the tire bouce.The front leaf springs are directly over the axle would it be better to shim to change the camber on the axle. To possibly change the load ? Or am I expecting to much from this large of truck. My local 4x4 shop says the truck is a beast and is built extremely well ,they did'not build it. But they say thats just the way it is with those bias ply tires.Since nobody offers a raidial in a 44 inch am I stuck?


#404648 - 03/18/09 03:20 AM Re: Need HELP on 4x4 vibration between 25-35mph [Re: jimthetoolman]
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Two things that I have been told on this subject that cause low speed or take-off vibration is. 1 The tires get a flat spot while sitting and as you drive heat up and take shape. Hey I have no clue if this is true but that's what I was told on my jeep it has 38s and it does the same at the same speed but only for the first few miles for rest of the day its fine. They could be right then again they could be pulling that right out of their back side. 2 The drive shafts are not the right length for the lift. That will I know for a FACT cause a vibration at take-off then stop once you’re at that speed.
Just some things to think about.


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