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#37314 - 03/03/03 06:31 PM EZ start campfire
oldnbold Offline
Gang Boss

Registered: 01/24/01
Posts: 390
Loc: Austin, TX
If your camping gang is anything like mine where everyone is THE EXPERT on firestarting/maintenance then many an argument has started about the how-to's on firemaking. However: this was a first for me.

This group of guys fire start method consisted of kindling wood the same size as regular split fireplace wood approximately 2-3 lbs. ea.!!! I'm snickering in amusement , in my lawnchair near the firepit, while drinking an adult beverage thinking "ain't no way" as they continued to apply these 2lb kindling pieces. "How will you start this thing?" I ask. "With gas" they reply. "I don't know about ya'll, but gas just makes a big mushroom cloud after the explosion and I've yet to see one start with those size logs". "You'll see"

After a few more logs were teepee'd another guy shows up with a half beer can of gasoline! I take my chair and move back about 30 yds behind a giant pine tree and begin to plan for the carnage. The five of them are still sitting very close to the pit while the can is put into the center of the teepee. He throws in a match and a minute explosion is followed by a flame like an acetylene torch on high is spewing out of the top of the can. Within 10 mins. the whole fire is blazing! The can never exploded and, according to those guys, never has in over 50 attempts.


#37315 - 03/03/03 11:35 PM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: oldnbold]
Hoop Offline

Registered: 12/21/00
Posts: 1830
Loc: Beaumont TX
I've seen it done. It works great. I try to use propane for heat & cooking whenever possible though. Just strike a match and you've got heat. No gathering wood. Done, just turn off the gas.
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#37316 - 03/04/03 12:47 AM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: oldnbold]
Fender_Bender Offline
Veteran Lunatic

Registered: 11/29/01
Posts: 4472
Loc: Hamilton, Tx
This way works really well if you used a gallon of race fuel with it.
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#37317 - 03/04/03 04:30 PM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: Fender_Bender]
naga418 Offline
Veteran Lunatic

Registered: 04/16/01
Posts: 2679
Loc: Houston TX
The only comment I have for this is never ever mix regular gas with diesel to start a fire. Unless of course you really don't have a personal attachment to your hair

My personal choice is to pour the fuel on and let it soak in for awhile then light it. It seems to soak into the wood as well as displace any water on or in the wood helping it light up.


#37318 - 03/08/03 05:16 AM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: oldnbold]
RockMan Offline
TPWD OHV Program Mgr

Registered: 04/25/01
Posts: 347
Loc: Driftwood out by the Salt Lick
If you're going to start campfires w/ gas, you might as well be drinking heavily too.

Something like 151 or moonshine. That way you can have fire in the pit, in your stomach and maybe on your head as well. There's nothing like a good "I've got fire on my head dance" to get the crowd going.

YEEeee..........Hawwww........... let the games begin..........

Now where did I leave my camera?

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#37319 - 03/12/03 02:23 PM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: RockMan]
Lumberjack Offline
Trail Blazer

Registered: 12/07/00
Posts: 2682
Loc: Cedar Park, TX
Sounds borderline scary.

One (1) tablespoon of gas in a one (1) gallon closed container creates enough vapor that when ignited is equivalent to one (1) stick of dynamite!

I would be cautious lighting gasoline that is inside any type of closed or nearly closed container.


#37320 - 03/12/03 04:03 PM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: Lumberjack]
naga418 Offline
Veteran Lunatic

Registered: 04/16/01
Posts: 2679
Loc: Houston TX
Your no fun Larry


#37321 - 03/19/03 06:00 AM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: naga418]
lkillebrew Offline
TON Member

Registered: 02/15/02
Posts: 37
Loc: S Central OK
This Larry agrees with that Larry... This Larry spent 3 days in a hospital in his younger days because of a similar dumb idea that dealt with matches, fuel, heat and air... and went badly wrong... Geez guys, I dont want to camp next to you, heck I dont even want to be in the same campground.

Go get some of those fire starter logs or even some match light charcoal and use that to ignite your blaze. That way you get a nice fire, no explosions, and no trip to the hospital.
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#37322 - 03/20/03 07:03 AM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: oldnbold]
JEEPME Offline
New Member

Registered: 03/20/03
Posts: 7
Loc: Grand Prairie,TX
As a firefighter I can honestly say I love people who play with fire and gasoline= job security. The experts say gas vapors travel low and at a rate of 1.5 ft per second with a breeze of less than 5mph,the consumption rate or explosive rate of combustion is twice that, faster than ANY man can run much less react.That coupled with alcohol (and I hope there was alcohol involved in this)=a running,screaming,flame waving Q-Tip.Stop drop and roll will not apply here,the victim will stop,he will drop,but he won't roll.Quite fun around the camp fire, at least he'll stop screaming once all his nerve endings have been burnt past the fat tissue..mmmmmm smells great.
I think I'd stick to the fire starter logs or even carry a couple of the bigger durflame logs then add oh of course WOOD.


#37323 - 03/20/03 06:54 PM Re: EZ start campfire [Re: JEEPME]
RockHopper Offline
CTTA President

Registered: 01/25/01
Posts: 323
I am also a firefighter and understand the hazards of gasoline. Having said that, I saw the "gasoline-in-a-coke-can" trick this past weekend. It works well.. The vapors, being heavier than air do not "escape" rapidly from the open coke can, so when the can is "lit" the vapors do not go "whoosh" as you would expect from gasoline. The vapors burn slowly and for a surprisingly long time. The open can I saw burning this past weekend, with only couple of inches of fuel in the can, burned for over 10 minutes.. It worked very well... Now, having said that, just don't knock over the can

This "trick" works well.. but BE CAREFUL... no need to use large amounts of fuel... AND after a few beers, just stay away from gasoline, period.

my .02

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