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#33415 - 02/07/03 06:38 AM new to site. Dad with ?s
lilracer Offline
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Registered: 02/07/03
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New to site my first post. This forum sounds like the right place to get infomation. I have a son that just turned 5. He has been riding for a little over 1 year. He rides a pw 50. He rides in the back yard for now. He has the basic mx obstacles to ride on. He is ready to go to a mx track to practice and some day race. How does the pw 50 compare to the other 50cc bikes out there like the ktm, cobra,polini etc.. Also where do most 50 cc riders go to ride. We live near Lockhart. Are there any good kid tracks near lockhart.Hope to get some feed back. Thanks


#33416 - 02/07/03 02:49 PM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: lilracer]
scottmotox Offline
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you should call allen harmon, tell him scott told you to call, his son has all of those bikes and he can tell you whatever you want to know. also, allen has his own track at his house, the # to his place is 512-898-2344. the # is also on the website.
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#33417 - 02/10/03 01:40 AM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: lilracer]
RockHopper Offline
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My boy had several bikes as he was growing/"moving up"... one of which was a King Cobra 50cc... The PW50 is good to learn on and ride various types of terrain.. and it is even used in competition.. but when and if you get serious about racing, you will need one of the other 50cc bikes (KTM, Cobras, etc.. )

One thing that is good about the PW50 is that it can "trail ride"... the King Cobra, and to some extent the other MX racing 50cc's are NOT built for trail riding.. they are built for ALL OUT racing on a track...

Now my boy is 10 years old and rides a full frame Gas Gas TXT 80 Trials motorcycle... that's a whole 'nuther story

just my 2 cents...
Learn about TRIALS!
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#33418 - 02/11/03 03:35 AM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: lilracer]
Bobby Administrator Offline
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Welcome to the TON.

The peewee 50 and 80 are great bikes to teach a kid on. I prefer the pw80 to any other bike out there for teaching a kid tall enough to ride one. The clutch and power work prefectly for a beginner...not too many things to think about.

The advise you got so far is right on. For trail riding, the pw50 is perfect. The suspension is soft enough and the power is plenty for everything but the toughest climbs. For racing you need more power and tougher suspension.

Let him hit the track with the pw and get used to the environment on a scooter he is comfortable with. When he's ready to move up, he'll let you know! I also recommend you try and find ways for him to test ride a variety of 50s owned by other dads at the track. It's a great way to see him in action and tell exactly what level of comfort and confidence he exhibits on each.


#33419 - 03/11/03 08:35 PM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: lilracer]
Rejet Offline
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Loc: Austin, TX.
Cycle Ranch in Floresville closes the track at 12:30 and 3:30 just for 50's and beginners. If you can jump to far they kick you off. There are fields, and other track there also sometimes the sand is soft for 10 inch tires.


#33420 - 04/01/03 05:25 AM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: lilracer]
57mxdad Offline
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Registered: 12/19/01
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Loc: Corpus Christi, TX
My daughter started racing motocross on a suzuki jr 50 (basically the same as the pw) at 5 when we lived in Virginia. Fortunatly for us Virginia is a big AMA state and the AMA has a class only for oil injected bikes (pw's, jr's, etc.) its called the shaft class. It was nice that the beginners could be out there and not get lapped 3 times before the moto was finished! I was disapointed when I was transfered to Texas and none of the tracks had that class. My daughter did survive racing here and now (after a year and a half) she race's a King Cobra. Although I do see some pw's out there racing in the 50cc 4-6 group, I see a whole lot more pw kid's sitting the races out. I wish more tracks would start a pw class and we might be able to get these kids out on the track racing. I know my daughter got discouraged, and sometimes scared, having ktm's and cobra's wizz by her. If it wasn't for her getting comfortable on the track racing only against the pw's I don't know if she would have kept up with racing.


#33421 - 04/01/03 02:36 PM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: lilracer]
Fastrac Offline

Registered: 02/26/03
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Loc: Huffman, TX
Like the others have said, it is a great bike to learn on, but in our experience w/Chad it bounced him to death. Granted we do hairscrambles & enduros but you could see his little head bouncing all over the place.

I can't keep up with my kids anymore


#33422 - 04/17/06 02:35 PM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: lilracer]
bcplace Offline
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Loc: Manor Texas
watch TON and for kids and dads days we try to have at least 1 a month where the little kids can get on the big track by themselves and we try to get timesduring the weekend when they can ride the track and slow down the other guys


#33423 - 11/21/08 12:51 AM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: lilracer]
Thumpersaurus1 Offline
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#33424 - 11/26/08 04:41 AM Re: new to site. Dad with ?s [Re: Thumpersaurus1]
Zacherd Offline
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Link didn't work.
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