OK, gang....the Texas Offroad Network is proud to announce - I've got the latest videos online!

"Why should we support an ORV Park in our county?"

Note: These files are streaming and begin viewing quickly, so if you have high speed access, use the High Res version.

Feel free to DOWNLOAD a copy - simply right click on the link and "Save Target As" or "Save File As" --

Video #1 is a news report - (3 min 55 sec) - .wmv file (Windows Media Video)

Public Interest / News Report - High Res - 19.2 MB

Public Interest / News Report - Low Res - 6.5 MB

Video #2 is an OHV Park Promo - (12 min 18 sec) - .wmv file - (see notes below)

TPWD - OHV Program Report - High Res - 53.6 MB

TPWD - OHV Program Report - Low Res - 20.2 MB

The first video on the list above is the same one that ran on several TV stations earlier this year. I had tried to find decent .WMV files of this video, but never could...so now, we have a copy on our TON server.

The second video is intended as a TPWD OHV Promo to encourage City Managers, County Commissioners, County Judges, and others in municipal and county governments that may be considering the question:

"Why should we support an ORV Park in our county?"

Here on the TON...and at TPWD...we hope this video will provide the extra motivation they need to make that call and ask TPWD to help them evaluate whether an ORV Park could work for them to provide a recreation venue and economic impact in their local area.

A very special thanks to:

Steve Thompson - Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept - OHV Program Manager

At the NOHVCC Route Designation Workshop in Conroe, TX this past weekend - Sept 30, 2007 - Steve passed me a DVD with the HD versions of these awesome videos that were shot up at the TMTC Property (BMRA - Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area) last year.

With that said....

A special thanks goes out to Danny Erdeljac - (Trail Riders of Houston) and owner of Studio Works....and to Garett Kaiser, his #1 man behind the camera and behind the keyboard, for making this production possible.

They shot over eight hours of High Definition video and edited it down to the productions you see here...and another shout out to Garett for making these HD files into .WMV files we can offer for download here on the TON.

Enjoy....and let's hope this makes a positive impression and helps promote positive change!