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#3157 - 05/22/01 10:32 PM Well meaning friends
jody2ms Offline
New Boot

Registered: 03/31/01
Posts: 10
Any mom's or dad's out there that get a bit harrassed by non-riding "friends" who can't understand how we could possibly let our child ride a dirt bike because they are so dangerous?

My friends are just so baffled and so concerned that they make me feel like a bad mother.

Everything has risks associated with it. So, do you insulate your kids from all that is beyond your comfort zone??

Any thoughts from you veteran moms and dads?

It's all good!


#3158 - 05/23/01 07:32 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jody2ms]
reddana Offline
New Boot

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 5
Loc: Round Rock
Kids are going to be kids no matter what they do. All we can do as parents is to teach and support what they have chosen to do. My son age 11, has been riding for a year now (we don't race, just because of time). My daughter age 9, just got her first bike. We teach them how to ride safely, to wear the right equipment and to watch out for other riders.

Just tell your friends to mind their own business you are your childs MOM not them. How many skinned knees and broken arms have been recieved from skateboards, bicycles and scooters?

Keep the kids riding - it is a great family sport - our whole family rides too!

Dana turning blue


#3159 - 05/23/01 09:49 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jody2ms]

My husband rides a street bike and my son wanted one and now we race. Caleb started on a Suzuki JR 50. He now has that bike along with a KTM 50 cc and a Kawasaki 60 cc. The TCHSS Series is by far the best thing that has happened to us as a family in a long time. We also have many people asking us if we are crazy for letting Caleb do this, but I think they are all crazy for not letting there children see the family atmosphere that the TCHSS provides. The people are great!!! And kids get hurt doing all kinds of things. Why should dirt bikes be left out of the fun??

We say let the kids ride!!


P.S. We also do playdays for the 50 and 60 cc kids. It's normally a whole weekend of camping and just lots of kids riding. They have been alot of fun. Hoping to have another soon. Join us if you can.


#3160 - 05/25/01 02:32 PM Re: Well meaning friends
CLB Offline
Gang Member

Registered: 12/05/00
Posts: 90
Loc: Austin,TX
Hi Lisa, and you other girls, I'm not a mom, but Dads have opinions on this also. Since Lisa knows me, I hope that y'all will let a Dad speak up for a second. I also received a little flak about letting my now 5 year old ride. At the Hare Scrambles, my son is the littlest one out there, but he's giving it all he's got. When he comes by for lap one, or lap 5, it doesn't matter to him, he's got the biggest grin on his face, and from what others tell me, so do I. This has become a great bonding time for us, and we are much closer for it. We also have met some of the nicest most respectable families while riding. I have learned that there will always be people who try to run your life for you, but have also learned that I will not let someone crash in on such an enriching experience. Go with your gut feelings on it, and all naysayers be damned. Your kids and family will be far richer for it. Ok, off the soapbox now.....Hope y'all have a great time riding and racing as a family....we do....Cary (T30) and Charles (K30).



#3161 - 05/25/01 10:10 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: CLB]
racerK4 Offline
Gang Member

Registered: 01/20/01
Posts: 29
Loc: Burton, Tx
So well said Cary. If you have time this weekend--why don't you bring Charles out to ride. And anyone else out there that doesn't have anywhere for the little ones to ride this weekend. Just e-mail us @ . We are always game and have no plans for the weekend but cutting down a tree.

For those that don't know--Brad and I kinda feel like Charles is our poster child for playdays. He rode with little bikers for the first time at a playday. And look where he is now. And we are loving it!!



#3162 - 05/26/01 07:18 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: reddana]
Bobby Administrator Offline
Head Honcho

Registered: 11/17/00
Posts: 3418
Loc: Spring, Texas
Hi Dana,

I'm glad to see this forum starting. This is exactly the kind of thing we had hoped for when we started the Network.....the community building whatever they want to build to support the community.....this is just too cool. Thanks to any of you who are hanging out here and posting and getting others interested in posting....that's how the momentum gets started.

I agree with your comments. My points are this.....back in '63 at age 8, I had a serious bicycle accident and almost died. Actually passed over for a few minutes and came back, that is, from what I'm told (we'll leave that topic for another forum).....and I still got my son started riding a PeeWee 80 at age 8. The accidents in life are just a matter of life. If you go out and live life, you'll probably have accidents.

My dad learned to ride at age 52 and taught me at age 14. I've been hooked ever since. I taught my wife and my son.....and over the years, about two dozen other kids. The key to learning to ride is knowing your skill level and the limits to your ability.... and not pushing yourself past the point where you feel comfortable....regardless of what your friends say. I've written several articles on the subject over the years and I'll gladly post a a really simple How-To for kids/beginners if you'd like.

Bottom line is.....if you let your kid climb trees, he's at risk of getting broken bones or worse.....anytime he's out of your sight, he's at risk....more kids get hurt each year because a caring, protective parent let them ride unbelted in the back seat going to the local grocery store than any moto-related the track, I can watch my son ride and coach him on his mistakes, but when he takes off on his bike to visit friends and hang out, crossing streets he's helplessly alone against the heavy metal traffic.

BTW - Great icon.....I Ride Red and am a redhead (just nothing left on top, but a ponytail to keep the old hippie thing going).....yada yada yada.....see ya' around....Bobby


#3163 - 05/28/01 10:30 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jody2ms]
Shift_Happens Offline
TON Member

Registered: 01/02/01
Posts: 92
Loc: Houston
Geez, another topic near and dear to my heart.

As a mom of 3 boys, 2 which began to ride before they were 2, I can relate to this topic.

Our boys were riding a 50 wheeler before they were 2. A PW 50 when they were 3, PW 80 when they
turned 5 and a KX 60 at age 7. Now the 14 year old rides a YZ 125 so I feel qualified to post.

I have heard it all. But for those who know and love me (yall do love me don't ya) I am also not one to
stay quiet.

Everything has its own dangers. Motorcycles are no different. But the rewards are also a factor.
Motorcycles have provided many benefits for my sons.
1) Great gross motor skills. They could not ride a PW 50 until they could ride thier bikes without training wheels.
They learned at age 3.
2) Best incentive for "House Breaking". Yep, they were told they could not get a PW 50 until they were
housebroken so that was quick.
3) Quick decision making skills. Life is not "fixed" in 30 minutes like the sitcoms. I feel that riding motorcycles has
enhanced the decision making skills of each boy
4) Appreciation for the earth and wildlife. (You don't truly learn this in front of TV or vidoe game)
5) You and you only. Though not knocking team sports, too many times I hear, "We lost cuz Billy didn't
catch the ball. If John had not done this, we would have won." Motorcycles is a sport that you are
it. It is up to you and you only. IF you chose to race, there will be other factors but it is still up to you.
6) Mechanical skills and Responsiblity. Now this is a biggie. Everyone, boy or girl should know who to work
on things. My boys can do things to motorcycles that grown men cannot do. They are lucky to have a dad
who is a top tech to teach them. The responsibility of proper maintenance, washing, buying new parts and
bigger bikes has made them learn about money and budgeting.
7) Famliy. To me, this is one of the major ones. A family who can ride for an entire weekend together has
something that most families only dream about. Show me a family that is spending the entire weekends each month
camping and riding together and I will show you family ties that will last a life time.
8) Physical Conditioning. With all the couch potatos we have in this world today, riding motorcycles is
a great way to stay in shape.

I could go on and on but I know, I am preaching to the choir.

But for injuries, again, I can speak from experiance. I have had a child, Life Flighted out of the Colorado Mountains
from a motorcycle accident. At age 9, spending 5 days in SICU. Only to have it happen again after 3 months.
But you know what? Poop Happens! I know of more children who have been hurt playing soccer, baseball
and just goofing around. Iin my past 14 years of riding I have only had the above and a broken collar bone.
Yes, the accidents have been scary, but I would not want them to sit on the couch all day and be safe playing
their video games.

The problem I see is parents who simply do not know or those who should know better.
Should Know Better - these are the parents who buy Billy a motorscooter cuz his friends have
one. They let him ride in the neighborhood, no protective gear, unsupervised. This is a mjor gripe
of mine. These bikes are loud and are not made to ride in the neighborhood streets. Without the
proper gear, the chances of getting hurt increase big time. Because he has no supervision, the
likelyhood of doing something stupid again rises fast. Shame on these parents. They make us
good ones look bad.

Do not know better. - These are the parents who have never seen a properly dressed/protected
rider. They do not know the hours of instruction that have gone into safe riding. They have never
seen a motor cycle park dedicated to the sport and safe riding. They have never seen the smile
of a child learning to "shift" or clearing the first double.

All I can say is, hold your head high. Act surprised when they show their ignorance and of course you
could always say what I do.

You let your children drink Soft Drinks? Wow, now that is really dangerous.

Gets'em every time. (Ok, Ok, a whole differnt Soap Box)

Just e-mail me/us on this board any time. You will get plenty of support.

Cyndi Herzing
Pit Slave


#3164 - 05/28/01 11:06 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: Shift_Happens]
jody2ms Offline
New Boot

Registered: 03/31/01
Posts: 10
" Great gross motor skills. They could not ride a PW 50 until they could ride thier bikes without training wheels.
They learned at age 3."

Same with our 3 year old. He is a maniac. We told him "when you can ride without training wheels, you can have a dirt bike." We are putting our money where our mouths are now. He sets up jumps, pops wheelies....we took him to the bike marathon at the park last month, and everyone was freaking out about him riding without training wheels and doing all of his freestyle stuff.

He is like that with everything though. He was swimming at 2...not just jumping to me, but swimming underwater to me.

The funny thing is, the friends that are giving me a hard time are the ones whose kids play football, own shotguns and 22's, and ride 4 wheelers. Hmmmm.

The great thing is husband. He basically lets me call the shots, and when I get the heebie jeebies about something, or "mother's intuition", we don't do it. I am glad for that.

"but I would not want them to sit on the couch all day and be safe playing
their video games"

What if it was "Pastrana -vs- McGrath"?? ;^)


It's all good!
It's all good!


#3165 - 06/13/01 04:32 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jody2ms]
pokemang99 Offline
Gang Boss

Registered: 01/28/01
Posts: 129
Loc: Round Rock, Tx

This is a great topic.
Christopher made a mistake at the outlaw trax practice and broke his left leg. He has been riding since he was 5 and racing since he was 8. This was not by some grand just happened.
I still would not change any of it...
We have had more quality time ( a phrase I hate) than most. But most appropriate.
Everyone involved in this sport has got to do everything possible to educate one another to limit the possibilities of injuries from ignorance. Bad things happen. The best we can all hope for is that they are few, far between and of little consequence.

I look back at the events of the day leading up to Christopher's MISTAKE...( He over jumped a jump and flat landed.)
There were so many things that may have not allowed this to happen.....
I guess what I am saying is have a plan, be organized, be ahead of schedule, don't deviate from a set routine and it will minimize the risks involved....

This is very much a sport where a little stupidity goes a long way....and the consequences can be devastating.
I have broken both of my ankles while riding, so I am speaking from experience.
I hear about too many people getting hurt just playing around...
The kids especially need to be made to realize how serious they should be while riding...

Enough said...
Christopher (F6) is getting along fine

Corby Jesperson (G99)
Professional Services
Engagement Manager


#3166 - 06/15/01 04:05 AM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jody2ms]
Rwhite Offline
TON Member

Registered: 12/19/00
Posts: 1
Loc: Austin tx
Hey Corby, I am glad to hear that your Christopher (F-6) is O.K. My Christopher (F-13) is out for 6 weeks with a wrist injury that he suffered doing basically the same thing. The point is, we try to do everything that we can to keep them from getting injured in any sport, but as the lady said "Poo-Poo happens!!" It is hard to explain that to friends, relatives,coworkers and even your spouse sometimes. It only made it harder when I broke my neck at Lakeside. Fortunately, there are people like us and our kids. Life would be very boring for them without being able to watch people like us, who have taken that calculated risk to teach their kids to race, snowboard, fly, or play any other extreme game there is. I believe it is called, "Living life to its full potential," using the right equipment and giving them as much training/coaching as possible, of course.

Thanks for the thread jody2ms

See ya at the track...
Rob C-13



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