Heck - have to throw my 2 cents in....My parents got all three of their kids into racing/riding dirt bikes back in the late 70's - they thought it would keep us out of trouble Didn't work that way, but hey look at the generation!! hahhahaa
Anyway - I never got hurt riding with the guys or the women, but only sprained my ankle while messing around. Now, my brother was the one to get hurt - mostly collar bone. It was always a "possiblitly" that my parents took into consideration.

Today - I have my son racing and I LOVE it!! He knows that I won't punish him by telling him that he can't race the wkend because he knows that I LOVE going to the races. I have been so surprised at how many people that know me from "back then" and surprised at how many people that I have met thru mx-racing. So many that I started a Ladies Open class at our local mx track - well, I didn't start it, but am trying to help it along. My son didn't race last wkend but his mom did!!! It was an absolute BLAST!!! I forgot how much motorcycle racing stays in your blood...

Everyone needs to remember that moto-x racing is rated #2 right after soccer (??? - don't get that one) for most extreme sport that a person can do. Yes, you take risks, but hey - it is so much of a RUSH.. ..dee in garland
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