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#3177 - 08/12/02 08:53 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: walton4]
samiam Offline
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Registered: 01/09/02
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Loc: Lockhart, TX
I just started riding last July and have loved it since the first time I got on a bike. My husband has been my biggest support along with some of my friends. Our parents are a different story. My husband and my daughter just got their bikes 3 weeks ago. We went back and forth on buying one for our daughter. She is 6 going on 7 in November and loves going places with us, especially the theme parks to ride the roller coasters. (She will ride anything that flips, twists and turns). After going to a couple of races and family days and seeing how many families are involved in this sport and how everyone watches out for the little ones, we decided to buy her a bike. She has been riding for 2 weeks around the house and just loves it. She will put everything else down to be able to ride. We are teaching her how to take care of her bike and her gear and she knows she doesnt ride without her helmet, pads, and boots, and she is not allowed to ride without us out there with her. We have been really nervouse about letting family know she has a bike because we dont want to hear how dangerous it is. She was involved in gymnastics and could just as easily fallen off the beam or bars and broken something. Since my dad used to ride trials and started about the same age I am now, he has no problem with us riding. He actually thinks its wonderful that we are doing this, especially as a family. My inlaws will be a different thing all together. They are the ones we will have to break it to gently. As for our friends, we have gotten mixed reactions but nothing too terribly bad. They know how much I enjoy it and also that we will teach her the safe way to ride and set rules and guidelines for her. I, personally dont see anything wrong with parents who support their kids in what they want to do. The important thing here is that the parents are involved with their kids. I know this is going to bring our little family closer together and give us something to do that all of us like.
Sami CRF250X Slade 525EXC Sydney XR100


#3178 - 08/19/02 12:31 AM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: samiam]

Well... interesting.. allow me to offer a different view...

I started (years ago) riding "go-fast" dirtbikes.. at the same time, I started my children on the bikes... we were having a wonderful time... we started to meet families who rode also... several with children who had been injured, or parents injured. I didn't think much of it... but as the numbers grew and I saw the children in casts I began to wonder.. next thing you know I take a bad fall on the backside of a table at Lakeside that nearly broke my back, I began to wonder if it was worth it.. It was a struggle; I loved riding.. my boy was jumping 40 ft. on his Cobra... he was 8.. One time he landed bad and went TUMBLING... like a rag doll... I thought for sure this was "our turn" in the injury dept.. But, thank GOD he was just scratched up... I began to wonder more... It was just a matter of time before one of us broke something... THEN came TRIALS! With trials, I could have my cake and eat it too... dirtbike riding with much lower risk... lower speeds, no worries of being run over, great family atmosphere, State Series, everything! My boy, now 10, rides trials, and 2 of my 5 daughters ride trials. We ride together, practice together, it is awesome... still "risk" involved, but much less... Here is a "indicator" of the risk; when we hold competitions, we don't have to have an ambulance on site One more relief since finding trials; I am 40 years old, my neighbor is 65 and still riding trials.. up hills and over logs you wouldn't believe! Trials is something you can do for a long time... so some of you guys/gals that are getting a little older and are not twisting the wrist like you once did, you might consider trials.. it is thrilling; you get a great sense of accomplishment as you "clean" bigger and more technical obstacles...

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the fast riding... even now.. it's just that FOR ME I found all the benefits of OFF ROAD riding (thrill, family, friends, bonding w/kids, motor between my legs, etc) in OBSERVED TRIALS.... and it just so happens that Trials presents WAY less risk than MX/ENDURO/HARE SCRAMBLE/STREET riding.... Still, i understand, to each his own..

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts!


#3179 - 09/29/02 12:34 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: snakecharmer]
BlazingMX Offline
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Registered: 08/28/02
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Loc: Robinson TX
I guess I fall in with Snakecharmer as a Mr Mom, I'm a single parent of an 11 year old girl that rides. Every since the 2 of us started riding, the past couple of years, I caught some serious flak especially at work. "How can you let a little girl participate in such an activity that's for boys?" This school year they were having cheerleading signups and my daughter wanted to do that too. Once again I was encouraged to get my precious little girl in a more "feminine" activity so she is now a cheerleader that rides dirt bikes. When it comes time for the 1st game my little baby gets her front tooth knocked out and it happened while cheerleading, not riding dirtbikes!
Just goes to show that you never can tell when accidents are gonna happen and it really matter what you're doing when they happen.

ps, I got the tooth fixed.


#3180 - 09/29/02 09:34 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jody2ms]
Fender_Bender Offline
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Registered: 11/29/01
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Loc: Hamilton, Tx

Jody and all you others:
First of all lets get back to the real question.

Anyone out there getting harrassed by non-riding "friends"..............................

I think the key words are: harrassed.. and friends....
What kind of friend would harrass a friend. Ask a question about the riding OK but I'd draw
the line at anything other than that. I don't beat around the bush with my friends or anyone
for that mater. Harrasse me and I'll be nice once and only once after that your fare game.
I've told so called friends that sticking your noise over the fence into my yard may not be
the thing to do. People have lost things putting them over here. Make no bones about it,
tell them the way you fell. Thay can show some concern but, that it. Mind your own kids.
This is the fastest way to run me HOT. I DO NOT need friends that try or want to tell me
how to raise my son. He isn't your and neather I'm I.
Now: These friends are the same ones that let 16 year old jr take the car on friday night
and never check up to see if what he or she said is true (you know were did you go).
OH!! we just went around town, with 200 mi on the car YA right.
Don't get me wrong. I'll take care of my friends the best I can. But I don't stick my noise
were it doesn't need to be. If I'm asked, I may tell, depends. I may go to the kid first. ( this must be a good friend)

Insulating your kids: I don't belive in it. My mom wouldn't let me do anything the other kids did
for a long time. So I just went and did it anyways. She let go about the time I turned 13. I stoped
sneaking around.
TCHSS has been the best thing to happen to our family in a long time. We have made some of
the best friends here. I for sure: will make some more.
Don't let your friends or family pull your family away from ours here with TCHSS. Your alway welcome.




#3181 - 09/29/02 11:19 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: Fender_Bender]
Gumby Offline

Registered: 01/05/01
Posts: 3258
Loc: Pflugerville
Got my 8 yr old daughter riding recently . . . . . . and I have had no flack from anyone NOW that she rides. She watched my son and I load up bikes and leave for tracks many times . . . . and one day asked if she could have a bike (she couldn't ride a bicycle at that point). I told her if she could learn to ride a bicycle, I'd get her a scoot. In a couple days I was looking for a scoot for her because she figured out a bicycle ASAP.

I guess what I want to say is that the only critisism I got was for taking the boy and not the girl. This is an equal opportunity sport - and I failed to see it that way. Her birthday is 09/30 and she wanted new gear. We went to Woods Fun Center and got new boots, gloves, helmet, goggles, jersey, pants, knee/shin gaurds, etc. . . . . the works!!!!
Boy or girl - if they want to ride - let them. Train them well, get them proper gear, and ignore anyone that thinks a kid shouldn't ride a dirtbike.

The Green Guy


#3182 - 09/30/02 04:19 AM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: Gumby]
LacyJones Offline
TON Member

Registered: 10/08/01
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Loc: North East
Well Now!
This is such an interesting topic!!!
I am Not a Mom or Dad though!!! sorry ...... BUT I do have opinions and validation for your concerns!

This is coming from a kid that grew up riding and still does, 21 years later.
Riding was a family event (we fished and did lots of other things too but riding has been great). We were in the woods almost every weekend. This kept us (my sister and I) out of trouble and bad crowds in school and taught us a TON. Responsibility and respect for yourself, your actions, the environment and others. I tell people all the time that I would not trade how I grew up for anything. Most of the people that I get opposition from are the same people that have no clue about motorcycles. They are in the same category as the doctor I "had" that told me that riding motorcycles was not exercise! I could have choked her! But I didn't! Just didn't go back! But there will be those people. It's a to each his/her own thing. I try to help enlighten and educate people about motorcycles whenever I can. It mostly comes from ignorance. We are all people with flaws and bias' based on something or other. Just try to be the best role model you can and be respectable when on a bike so people don't get the wrong impression like the kids on the Hondas from above that were running through the campground. That is uncalled for. My father would have Skinned us for that!!!!! Definitely wouldn't be riding for a While!!!!
There is definitely an element of danger with riding/driving ANY motorized vehicle. There needs to be respect for the vehicle/bike First! Along with a proper education on/in it. Some people are not cut out for riding that's a fact...just like anything. But almost anyone can learn! We all learned how to drive a car right? Isn't that just as dangerous or even more??? There are not nearly that many other riders to crash into us or cause a crash as our everyday driving! But the people that criticize you about your kids Never think of things that way!!!!
I agree with whoever said (sorry I don't remember up there) that there are differing levels of danger with riding. The different styles and formats have their own sets of pitfalls and plusses. I grew up riding in the woods, trail riding and enduros. Pretty safe. I have never broken anything that can be proven! I raced Hare Scrambles and now Trials. Motocross isn't on the list. Personally I believe that that is the most dangerous form of off road riding, just due to the fact that you are in such close proximity to other riders and its a much more heated event overall. All of the Pro riders have broken something!! They are PROS, that should tell you something. Trials is much slower and there's no threat of anyone jumping on you because you are the only one in a section at a time. Hare Scrambles more dangerous than enduros. Its about speed also and what a rider is capable of at his/her particular skill level. USE COMMON SENSE!
I am at a stopping point here, don't know what else to say really, except to use common sense and be safe...teach and be firm with discipline...not being crazy and riding through camp etc..... There are SO many GREAT people that ride (the Majority!). I have made all sorts of friends and like I said earlier, wouldn't trade it for anything!
Good Luck !!!!

Lacy Jones


#3183 - 09/30/02 08:19 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: LacyJones]
jimeckroat Offline
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Registered: 12/27/01
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Loc: McAllen, Texas
Has anyone else noticed that many of the people preaching against motorcycles are the same people that let thier kids ride a 1,500 pound animal that has a mind of it own (a horse).



#3184 - 10/01/02 02:22 AM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jimeckroat]
slik24 Offline
Gang Daddy

Registered: 06/10/01
Posts: 691
Loc: rosharon, tx
not a mom or dad, but a son and brother so figured id jump in. my brother is a professional rodeo cowboy as was my dad, i am the black sheep that lives on a farm and rides his blue beast thru the woods scaring the cows. you really dont want me to list ALL of the broken bones my dad and brother have had, or the fact that my brother permanantly walks with a limp beacause of jumping off of horses while chasing cows!! all sports are dangerous, in my opinion, lacy has put the best post on this board in awhile, knowledge is the best brace a person can have in WHATEVER they do. well thats my 2 pennies L8R!

c ya-casey t. #A60
Casey Taylor
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2007 crf150R *hers*


#3185 - 10/01/02 05:38 PM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jimeckroat]
jbooth2099 Offline
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Registered: 07/06/01
Posts: 1634
Loc: Tomball,TX
I agree with you when it comes to the horse thing, but the wife would argue that one to the death. We frequently compare the two. I just bought her a horse this past Saturday night. I am afraid of them, but will ride my bike through anything. We have 6 kids. Half of them race, half of them ride the horses. 2 of them do both.

Reality for us is simple. We get involved with the kids and their interests. Some are more dangerous than others. Dirtbikes have made our (Brady Bunch) family closer and I wouldn't change that. The skills and sportsmanship that they have learned from dirtbiking have been worth the risks we take.

I'll trade watching them bang handlebars or put ice on a sore foot (horse stepped on my daughter) any day against seeing them turn into vegetables in front of a TV or video game any day.

"No one but the bouncer cares how tough you are, and he already knows you're not that tough."


#3186 - 10/02/02 02:32 AM Re: Well meaning friends [Re: jbooth2099]
Chris Offline
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Registered: 09/23/02
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Loc: Salado, TX
I thought that I would make a post as a mom and a child that grew up riding. Riding motorcycles taught me responsiblity and kept me out of so much trouble. It kept me focused on grades and chores. Sure as with anything else- I had injuries- but I also had a bike, skateboard and two left feet. I feel that motorcycles have even taught me to be a better driver. If and when Kirby ever decides to ride- great- as far as the comments about it being a boy sport- girls can do anything and the fact that there are more boys than girls- great- how do you think I met Lynn. Seriously- TRH and TCHSS now AMA district 20 have provided me with so many wonderful friends and a true family. We stick together more than any other sports groups. I know- we have been into softball and dance and gymnastics. If you show these "friends" the positives of our sport- how can they object. Gee- keeps families together and kids out of trouble- there are worse things out there- Motorcycling is not one of them!!!!
Kirby's Mom!!


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