Many of you know Stan from TSCEC. he has done many things to help at the Club level and keep the trails open. Please vote for him as he climbs the AMA ladder. Stan is a tremendous asset to us and has helped with the one day license that help boost attendance at the events. Please pull the ballot out of the October AMA Motorcyclist magazine and vote for Stan. see his not to me below! He won the last election by a landslide. Let move him up a notch,.. please!!

Did you guys ask all the Lubbock West TX guys to submit a nomination ballot for me?

I am still calling guys to remind them but we need at least 50 sent in for sure!

Did you guys read the article from Rob Dingman in the recent Cycle News? I would welcome your comments on his 9my) write-up!
"It doesn't take a big man to carry a grudge a long way.!"