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#275656 - 02/08/07 03:37 AM Remember Danny Storbeck?
Bermbuster Offline
Gang Member

Registered: 01/12/07
Posts: 114
Loc: Helotes, Texas
I was eating in El Chappareal in Helotes TX. yesterday and I saw him eating with his father. I grew up racing him and I really though alot of him when I was younger. His parents were loaded and he always had the newest trickest stuff out that you could get. He had brand new JT riding gear every moto. I went to his house one time when we bought a Pro Trac trailer from him and he had about 8-10 1981 YZ 80s all lined up against the wall. He had a modified bike for Ponca ect. All he did was ride ride ride. he never had a real job till he quit racing. He ended up getting a Yamaha Factory ride for a couple of years but by the time he went through all that he was tired of racing and never really reached his full potential. He was superfast though and had an awesome style. He still looks really good but has had to work very hard for what he has right now. He runs a trucking company that does real well. Laters.......Jeff


#275657 - 02/08/07 06:54 AM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: Bermbuster]
MXerDude Offline
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i remember the name...


#275658 - 02/11/07 06:30 AM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: Bermbuster]
08TRX450ER Offline
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Registered: 07/03/02
Posts: 173
Loc: round rock tx
I think he's the rider that landed on Rick Johnson , breaking his wrist.


#275659 - 02/12/07 07:14 PM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: 08TRX450ER]
Bermbuster Offline
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Registered: 01/12/07
Posts: 114
Loc: Helotes, Texas
Yes he was, and after the incident happened Danny called Rick to ask how he was doing and basically apoligize, but when he called Ricks answer machine said something like " Hi thanks for calling this is Rick, Thanks to Danny Storbeck I now have a broken wrist and I will be at home alot in the future so please leave a message" Well then Danny just hung up.........I read that Danny was on the gas and Rick was the one screwing around and it wasn't even Danny's fault. Accidents happen oh well...he was a cry baby anyway and still is.


#275660 - 02/12/07 08:23 PM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: Bermbuster]
dirtnasty Offline
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Registered: 11/30/05
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Loc: Fort Worth
There is a small story about this in one of the new Motorcross Action mags!
"Run what you brung"

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#275661 - 02/14/07 04:11 AM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: dirtnasty]
YZFwarrior Offline
New Member

Registered: 02/14/07
Posts: 5
Danny came from a racing family,his father "Bubba" ,raced stock cars in the 60's & early 70's. That is when I met him we were both young kids at the time. It wasn't his fault about the mishap with RJ, unlike the puke leading the SX series presently who broke Tedesco's hand. That is what should be remembered as this punk is a sloppy and dirty rider,no matter what he acomplishes,he will NEVER be as great as MC or RC and never as popular.


#275662 - 02/15/07 05:04 AM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: YZFwarrior]
observer Offline
Old Boot

Registered: 10/12/06
Posts: 39
Loc: Everett, WA
I saw Storbeck a few times in the 'Dome SX races.Pretty darn fast rider.
That can happen if you throw enough at the racing effort!


#275663 - 02/22/07 06:22 PM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: Bermbuster]
Gang Boss

Registered: 07/20/04
Posts: 437
Loc: Harlingen, TX.
I remember at an Austin race, Danny line up in the 125 B on his Yam 80
In 2nd or 3rd gear not sure with the wheel spinning on a foward falling gate. Pulled a massive hole shot and left them all.
Mike Maley


#510449 - 08/15/11 08:15 PM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: DIRTBURGLAR254]
John_Middleton Administrator Offline
TON Web Administrator

Registered: 12/05/00
Posts: 285
Loc: Austin, Tx
Sure Danny was a fast contender and probably still is (with support like that who wouldn't). Putting his dad and mine together caused a liquor shortage in Texas. Oh the times they were a drinking and stumbling.

Some come and some go and for those that stick around just get slow (including myself).

Let's see who I can remember coming and goings of:
Steve Stackable
Roger Brown
Jack Stutts
Ricky Blackwell
Bobby Pickard
Dickey Turnbo
Jerry Camp
The Finger boys (Jimmy...?)
Frank Tello (fastest mini-biker in Texas in the 70's)
_?_ Debose (Trick XR's)
Loftin's (Chuck & Cassy)
Michael Caskey
Bryan Taylor
John Ham
Danny Storbeck
Tim Butler
Lee Biggert - Austin MX operator

A few are still around (Austin) like:

Bill Kasson Haven't seen Bill in a while (hope all's ok)
Steve Cardwell
Mark Taylor
Jackie Oleary

Ok who have I forgot...?

I'll try and make the upcoming TRH Old School reunion at Rio Bravo this September 16th - 18th .


#511547 - 08/31/11 03:59 AM Re: Remember Danny Storbeck? [Re: John_Middleton]
texasmx919 Offline
TON Member

Registered: 08/17/05
Posts: 63
Loc: San Antonio Texas
Kind of crazy I raced a lot in Arizona back in the days that Danny came up. Never got to race with him but heard stories. Then years later I met and had occasion to do business with his Dad. Then I got to meet him. Just reading these posts bring back the memories. JP told me and invited me to the Old School Reunion at Rio Bravo this year. And I am going to be in Conroe that weekend enjoying 3 Palms and I am going to make it a point to be at Rio Bravo on Sunday. Looking forward to being there and making some memories. See you guys there.
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