Once again RRDR has shown how strong your club is. It takes a huge effort to put on an event such as LMS2 and you guys, and gals proved that you are up for the challenge. As I sat through one of the worker meetings I was highly impressed by the great organization and professionalism that was displayed by the RRDR members. You really know how to take care of your workers, the meals were great and having the warm tent for the meetings was priceless. I truly felt unworthy of the accomodations since I did so little to deserve them. I did however appreciate the opportunity to help even though it was a small part,( we did get to pull one siezed bike back to camp). The logistics of this event were huge and RRDR handled them with stride. I know that Archie, Josh, and Brian were the most visable during this event but I know that there were countless others that battled the elements to put this event on. Job well done folks.

Kelly Simmons
Lubbock Trail Riders

"It is better to be a racer for a moment, than a spectator for life!"