Hi folks,

Not sure if this would be the place to post this. I am looking for a female racer to add to our team. My team is based here in Texas and consists of 6 racers (boys) from 50's to 85's. I would like a female racer age 9-16 roughly in the 85cc and up area (125 4stroke or similar). She would get the same benefits our current riders get. I need a resume sent by email or snail mial with picture/s and race finish history. Some of our sponsors this year include:

Pro-Wheels Racing Components
racer X wholesale
and some local companies.

I am currently working on a web site for the team and would like to add a new female racer before April 1st. For more info PM, email me at racerxsale@sbcglobal.net . If you need to snail mail your stuff, please send it to:

4706 S. Austin
Amarillo, Texas 79110

Thanx, Garry