Where: TPWD Headquarters
4200 Smith School Rd
Austin, TX
When: 9am Jan 26, 2006

Why: Please Read

What I'm asking you to read is Carol Smith's open MadasHell letter, the petition/form letter we would like you to send, and who to send it to. Then I'm asking you to sign and send in the letter of support. And then the big favor...show up at the meeting in Jan.

This is very much a make it or break it deal for Texas' offroading future. If they do not approve a piece of property west of Ozona, that has no other points against it other than a land owner neighbor (who lives in Houston) just dosen't want us to open any land ever....if they don't approve this land ...they will never approve any land. If we do not prove to them that there are massive numbers of offroad users in the state...the deal will not go thru. The only way we can prove you are out there is for each and everyone of you to make your presence known.

Please take the time to read the long thread we've posted ....if after reading it and knowing the facts, you are righteously indignant or just plain Mad at the turn of events...let them know it....don't just send in the form letter....put your thoughts and frustrations down on paper in your own words. Come to the meeting in Jan. Do something. If you do nothing....that's exactly what what we will get.

Thank you for your time
Laura White
PRO-MAX Powersports