Please be on the look out for a 2005 KTM 85, owned by Bretton Engle #64
On 10/02/05 someone took Bretton's bike in Amarillo, TX. I have the VIN# if needed.
Things to look for:
Orange Renthal bars (will be pushed up more forward than most bikes and levers will be facing down, black renthal crossbar pad with white lettering)
Goldish orange VHM head
FMF pipe (it is the KTM FMF pipe)
Doma silencer, (Pretty beat up)
Cycle Shack Lubbock graphics
KTM 125 gear shifter (black)
Black rear fender (has several stickers on it, FMF, Alpinestar, VHM, not sure what else)
small tear on the right side of the seat, in the middle of the seat at the bottom, looks almost like a J
Custom Number plates, black background with white numers and Bretton's name on the front # plate
Power valve (purple)
New back tire

If you see this bike or think it might be his, PLEASE try to get a liscense plate # or follow them home and get an address and let me know. I do not care what town it is, I will go and check it out! If you hear of someone selling parts, let me know I will check them out also.
I think the main things to look for will be the goldish orange VHM Head and the Orange renthal bars, as there are not a whole lot of them with that, and a new KTM FMF pipe with a older pretty beat up Doma silencer. Please do not ask them any questions, I do not want them to get scared and ditch it, just give me a call or email, or call the cops. I do not care if you see one with nothing else on the list above of things to look for, if it has a VHM head, call me, I will check it out! Thanks in advance for keeping an eye out, hopefully we can find the dirtbag that likes to steal from kids! Thanks, Jana

Jana Engle
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