Fellow Riders;

If you haven't heard already, this years Sidewinder Enduro has been postponed
because of the large amount of rain that has fallen in the String Prairie area. I know
this is late and probably a waste of time, but if we can keep one person from
making the trip, it was worth it.

Kudos to TSCEC Webmaster Bud Hutchison for standing in the rain for 2 hours at
the Dodge dealer on highway 71, flagging anyone down towing a trailer or carrying
motorcycles in the back of their truck.

Our condolences to the Sidewinder Motorcycle Club for having to make this
decision. These enduros require a lot of time and manpower to host. The decision
to delay or cancel an event is a difficult one at best. I'm sure Vernon is already working
on an alternate date.

Marshall Valentino