I dont think anyone that did not go was because it was Black Jack. I would like that venue to be on the TSCEC schedule as well as stated before. Since I dont speak from a first person position, I dont know why it is a Texas race and not on the schedule. I do not presume its simply a TSCEC oversight or problem. Usually takes two to tango, I think its all parties involved loss. I think all involved have to come together for the better of this sport we all profess to love. I know if there were concern over getting more of the West Texas riders, the schedule would of been a little different. The Boondockers race was scheduled for last weekend from the previous season at the request of BJEC simply to put 2 weeks between Crosstimbers and our race for Black Jack riders. We did so, then Crosstimbers moved forward from where they always were into our old schedule spot. Then the schedule of Callisburgh the week after they have us blocked in again to riders having to choose that cannot make 3 weeks in a row. Some working together would really benefit all so that those like myself can make more races even if they are not TSCEC sanctioned. The best race of the year is always in the eyes of the beer holder.

Keith Williams

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