If your camping gang is anything like mine where everyone is THE EXPERT on firestarting/maintenance then many an argument has started about the how-to's on firemaking. However: this was a first for me.

This group of guys fire start method consisted of kindling wood the same size as regular split fireplace wood approximately 2-3 lbs. ea.!!! I'm snickering in amusement , in my lawnchair near the firepit, while drinking an adult beverage thinking "ain't no way" as they continued to apply these 2lb kindling pieces. "How will you start this thing?" I ask. "With gas" they reply. "I don't know about ya'll, but gas just makes a big mushroom cloud after the explosion and I've yet to see one start with those size logs". "You'll see"

After a few more logs were teepee'd another guy shows up with a half beer can of gasoline! I take my chair and move back about 30 yds behind a giant pine tree and begin to plan for the carnage. The five of them are still sitting very close to the pit while the can is put into the center of the teepee. He throws in a match and a minute explosion is followed by a flame like an acetylene torch on high is spewing out of the top of the can. Within 10 mins. the whole fire is blazing! The can never exploded and, according to those guys, never has in over 50 attempts.